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Knowing you.

Need help realising your ambitions? You can rely on our accountants and tax advisers. Our consultants create order and clarity. We consider the options together with you, and we’re critical where necessary.

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Accountants with added value

As well as providing an overview of your figures, we also give recommendations on the steps that you should take for your business.

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Regard for and knowledge of

We look beyond the numerical audit of the financial statements from our independent position. Providing you assurance and insight.

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Consideration for
tax matters 

When it comes to tax, we strive for clarity and thoroughness. We translate complex tax issues into clear solutions.

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Involved in
your organisation’s strategy

We work with you to plan out a financial strategy with a clear purpose: the purchase or sale, financing or valuation of your company.

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Regard for and
expertise in personnel

We’re here to answer all your queries on staffing matters.

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If you want to move forward

What you do today counts. As an entrepreneur, you’ve already got tomorrow in your sights. At Lentink, we do too. We are accountants and consultants with a good dash of entrepreneurship in our blood. With our modern and personal approach, we are reliable and future-focused. We value ambition.When you’re ready to move forward, we’re there to help. What can we do for you?

Guidance based on real-time management information and data analysis, targeted recommendations aimed at strengthening your business.

Efficient and modern monitoring of your annual accounts and your business processes.

Tax advice
Smart and thorough preparation of your tax administration, clear advice on complex fiscal matters.

Corporate finance
Strategic advice and support with respect to growth, acquisitions, mergers, financing and business succession.

Salary | HRM Advice
Worry-free payroll processing, consultation on HRM issues and opportunities for savings on employer contributions.

At home in all markets

Whether you’re at market every week or trading on the international market, our specialists speak your language. Our multidisciplinary approach means we can help your business move forward on all fronts!

Professionally connected

Lentink has solid relationships with the tax authorities, sector organisations and other specialists who can assist your company.
Lentink is associated with Smink Kok Lentink, accountants and tax advisers in Bunschoten-Spakenburg.

No matter what the market, Lentink has the right expertise and professionals to help you. Because we speak your language, you’ll never be in the dark.
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