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International services

International business can offer you many opportunities. That is why more and more companies are venturing abroad. After all, that step is smaller than ever. Yet there are risks. Because each country has its own rules, language and culture. How do you prevent missing opportunities? Or worse: that your plans fail? You can rely on Kreston Lentink for advice and support. We support Dutch companies with foreign ambitions and foreign companies active in the Dutch market.

Do you also want to run a successful international business, anywhere in the world? And would you like to prepare yourself as well as possible, so that you don’t miss any opportunities? Then contact us in time. The sooner you engage us, the fewer risks you will run. For example, the risk that you do not comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Or that you will miss out on opportunities because you do not know the language or culture well enough.

1. Advice and support

Is this your first international venture? Then you’ll be confronted with many questions. Established organizations that are entering new foreign markets also come to us for support. Together we ensure that you do not miss out on knowledge and opportunities. We advise you on, among other things:
– Knowledge about doing business internationally
– Possible pitfalls
– Risk spreading

2. Tax advice

As soon as your business activities cross the borders of your own country, tax issues become much more complicated. We’ll be happy to help you further! We know the foreign tax legislation, we signal developments and changes, and we are aware of the possibilities offered by the tax legislation. We are happy to share our knowledge with you, so that you can make the most of your business abroad. We advise you on, among other things:

– International (tax) legislation and regulations
– VAT declarations
– VAT advice
– Foreign employees: taxation and social insurance
– Transfer pricing

3. Accountancy services

Are you looking for a partner with experience in auditing annual accounts? Who can also perform a joint audit on internationally branched organizations?
We have a qualified team of accountants ready with experience in international services. They will ensure that your (statutory) audit is carried out properly and that you demonstrably comply with your financial reporting requirements.

Dutch GAAP or IFRS?
Our experience is primarily based on Dutch GAAP, but we also provide financial statements in accordance with IFRS or our own international accounting principles. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.

PCAOB registration
Since January 17, 2012 the audit branch of Lentink has obtained a registration with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board – PCAOB. This places Lentink Audit under the supervision of this American regulator, allowing it to perform work for American companies subject to auditing requirements. Lentink is currently already regularly involved with such clients.

The registration was obtained after the Dutch regulator, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), and the PCAOB had reached agreement on the way in which data exchange by organizations supervised by the AFM should take place with the PCAOB.

4. Corporate finance

By corporate finance activities we mean
– valuations of companies, shareholdings and economic claims
– company takeovers and mergers
– shareholder disputes
– relaunch scenarios
– finding investors and/or financiers
– sale preparation in the tax, legal and financial field
Here our experienced advisors will help you further!

If these situations take place across borders, a number of additional factors come into play, such as knowledge of climate, politics and culture. This is where the Kreston international network comes in. It’s easy to switch with a reliable and strong advisor on the spot. We keep control, they have specific knowledge of the country. So whatever route you take, experienced advisors are crucial to proceeding decisively.