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Rapidly changing consumer needs mean that hospitality and leisure companies need to be able to switch gears at lightning speed. This also makes demands on your accountant, as sector specialist Gert Bout knows only too well. ‘Leisure entrepreneurs are always looking out for new opportunities. As a consultant, accounting, taxes or other legislation are not the only matters I discuss with them. I also engage in conversation with entrepreneurs, helping them to think outside of the box with respect to ways of attracting more customers or generating additional sales. This enables you to really add value for a company,’ says the relationship manager.

Operating in accordance with current figures

Naturally, Gert also helps hospitality and leisure companies behind the scenes with their regular accounting work. After all, the administration and accounting must be kept in order, it’s important to be able to operate according to current figures, and entrepreneurs in the leisure industry naturally want to comply with current laws and regulations.

Informal method of collaboration

Gert knows that these matters are not a hobby for most entrepreneurs in the industry. ‘I take an informal approach in looking after their affairs, and try to do my work in the most creative and people-oriented way possible. I get a lot of energy out of working that way.’

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