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You can only really give children the attention they deserve if all of the practical and administrative matters at your playgroup or childcare centre are properly taken care of. Lentink’s sector specialist Watchik Akopjan helps childcare entrepreneurs get all of their affairs in order. ‘Most entrepreneurs in the childcare sector are true professionals. They are passionate about providing the best possible care for children. Naturally, that’s what they want to focus on, so I support them as much as I can by taking care of those matters that are not so interesting but just as important,’ says Watchik, senior manager accountancy at Lentink.

Subsidy audits and accountability

Examples include carrying out subsidy audits or providing accountability to municipalities. ‘I work closely with the entrepreneurs in this, because they often aren’t aware of what needs to be done and what’s involved in a subsidy audit. We take a hands-on approach to our work. If you want to or can do something yourself, then you go ahead and do it. If you get stuck, we’re there to help. We also advise entrepreneurs on how to improve their accountability and audit processes.’

Important to society

Watchik enjoys working for companies in the childcare sector. ‘Childcare centres and playgroups play an important role in the social and civic development of children, which is something I observed first-hand with my own children. This sector is incredibly important for our society, and I am very enthusiastic about and committed to contributing as an accountant by providing effective guidance for entrepreneurs.’

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