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Achieving a good return on real estate investments is more complicated than many people realise. Lentink supports real estate entrepreneurs by keeping an astute eye on matters such as their tax position, financing position and growth opportunities. ‘Seeking out locations with potential for value development, transforming old buildings, investing in sustainability, holding discussions with local and provincial authorities, and coordinating with the tax authorities and financiers – real estate encompasses all of these things. As an entrepreneur, you need common sense and a long-term vision to be successful in this industry,’ says Kees Teeuwissen, partner at Lentink.

Taking account of disruption risks

Naturally, you also need an accountant with whom you can discuss brick and mortar and other investments honestly, openly and on an equal footing. ‘Stories about spectacular transactions often attract a lot of attention, but you have to bear in mind that there are also major disruption risks that can significantly impact the value development of real estate properties, which in turn affects profit growth, the tax position, the financing position and future growth opportunities for the real estate entrepreneur.’

A keen eye for the perception of value

It goes without saying that Lentink also has a role in preparing and/or auditing financial statements for real estate entrepreneurs. ‘The rules in this area require an accountant to have a keen sense of judgement. While the valuation of real estate properties is primarily a matter for real estate appraisers, our experience and expertise in real estate means that we’re only too happy to engage them in discussion to ensure that their perception of value is based on correct assumptions and calculations.’

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