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It’s the 1950s in the Netherlands – a time of economic recovery, optimism and progress. Enterprise is flourishing everywhere, including in Harderwijk, where Martin Lentink establishes an accountancy firm.

The firm rapidly grows to become a regional market leader. Frequently a front runner and always close to the entrepreneur, the firm’s approach appeals to many and new branches are added over the years. The first new branch is in Huizen (1995), followed by Almere (2001) and Bunschoten-Spakenburg (2012).  As a partner to Kreston, Lentink’s operations now extend far beyond our national borders, from the United States to China, and from the Middle East to South America.

With around a hundred employees, ranging from accountants to tax specialists and consultants to data analysts, we are right at home in everything we do. When it comes to knowledge and quality, we’re confident that we’re up there with the Big Four. Our approach is close and personal. We are down-to-earth, practical and direct, formal when necessary and informal where possible. And we always focus on the person behind the company or the issue at hand.

Much has changed since the 1950s, and we have reinvented ourselves time and time again. However, we’ve always retained that same culture from our earliest years: hard work, an enterprising approach and deep involvement are at the core of our business. We are Lentink. Who are you?

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We help business owners to be more successful tomorrow than they were today. However, the foundations for this are not laid in your business, but rather in ours, at our office. The attention, freedom and development opportunities we give our employees enable them to deliver an outstanding performance for you. Because we really see our people, this inspires them to look at your company in the same way. What’s going on, what can we take care of for you, how can we make a difference? Our employees really see your company. Not as a number, nor as a client. Instead, we see the people, the dreams and the drive that make your business unique. Nothing is more motivating than being able to take the next step together with you. Lentink. Knowing you!

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We maintain high standards of quality.

It’s easy to see that we enjoy our work.

Our approach is oriented towards solutions and opportunities.

We provide services across the board to SMEs and the non-profit sector.

We carry out the work we do for you as if we’re doing it for ourselves.

Whether you’re a new accountant or looking for a job, we look forward to getting to know you.
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