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About us

Lentink. Knowing us.

Agreements have not yet been made with all sectors and businesses, leaving many employees without a right to benefits.

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About Lentink

Lentink is a medium-sized accountancy firm with branches in Huizen and Almere, as well as representation in Bunschoten-Spakenburg. We help business owners to be even more successful tomorrow than they were today. We accomplish this by taking a multidisciplinary approach with our team of around one hundred specialists in accountancy, taxation, auditing, salary & HRM advice and corporate finance. Our clientele are just as diverse as we are, ranging from sole operators and start-ups to SMEs and family businesses. As a partner to Kreston, we also assist numerous companies that operate internationally. Whether you’re just starting out with a pocket full of big dreams, or have been operating for years already, we support you at every stage of your company’s development. We’ll be there for all of your important milestones, in fair weather and foul. We are Lentink. Close by, so you can go far!

Our quality

When it comes to know-how, we’re confident that we’re up there with the Big Four. However, we understand that you might need a little more assurance than that. Therefore, feel free to listen to what the market has to say about our services. Alternatively, we’d be happy to talk with you over a cup of coffee about the way we guarantee the quality of our services by means of quality standards.


Fortunately this is rarely an issue, but if you are dissatisfied with our services or the performance of one of our employees and have not been able to resolve the matter between yourselves, you can make a complaint or lodge a report with our compliance officer by email at klachten@lentink.org. We will treat your message confidentially. You may also lodge a complaint or report anonymously.

Code of conduct

We are creative, resourceful and enjoy the challenge of deploying our professional expertise on behalf of your company. At the same time, we place a high value on our integrity and principles. Our Code of conduct sets out how we at Lentink act and the professional boundaries we set in our work.

Whistle-blower scheme

Because our integrity is our highest priority, Lentink has a Whistle-blower scheme in place. Employees and external parties can anonymously bring up any suspected or actual irregularities and abuses without jeopardising their legal position.

Good at what’s necessary, close at hand when it counts

Sometimes you call us in just because you have to. We get that. In these instances, our modern approach enables us to support your company quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality standards. If we spot opportunities for making a difference, or if you come to us for advice, we view proximity and involvement as the basic requirements for providing you with genuine assistance. We believe that an integrated multidisciplinary approach leads to the greatest added value for you.

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